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This Father Refused To Give A Speech At His Own Daughter’s Wedding. No Watch What He Does Instead… WOW

Every girl dreams about her ‘big day’: the beautiful white dress, the flowers, wedding guests, saying ‘I do’ to the one they love. But of course the wedding day is almost as important to the parents – giving away their daughter, having to trust some other man with the most precious person in their lives…

This father-of-the-bride gives a very emotional performance, instead of a wedding speech. He lip-sings ‘I loved her first’, whilst showing the lyrics with sign-language. This is in recognition of his daughter’s work, who is a sing-language interpreter. Can you imagine how long it must have taken him to learn it? There is no dry eye in the audience, as everyone is moved beyond words with the beauty of this performance. Watch this, and have your tissues handy!