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This Weird Hack Can Defrost Your Windshield In SECONDS Using Kitchen Ingedients

Don’t you just love winter? Those frosty sunny days, pink cheeks, warm mittens and hot chocolate. However there is also a dark side to this time of year. Colds and sniffles; long dark evenings; low energy. And, of course, car windscreens frozen rock-solid, when you are already late for work.

You could, of course, run your engine for a while, and let the warm air defrost the glass. But it takes time, fuel, and pollutes entire neighborhood with fumes. You can scrape it off too, but then if you wanted a workout that early in the day you would have gone to the gym. And, of course, you forgot to stock up on windscreen defroster.

This great hack shows you how to make your own windscreen defrosting solution with simple ingredients you probably already have in your home. And the best news is – it won’t freeze if you keep it in your boot, as it’s freezing temperature is 120 degrees. Unless you live in Canada.

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